Guide To Buying And Using Sustanon 250(Testosterone) Steroids

Although steroids have valid medical uses, they are widely used in diverse sports fields for improving performance and bulking up. However, some steroids are banned in sports because they give users unfair advantage over non-using competitors. Keep reading to learn more about steroids.

An Overview of Steroids

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), steroids are synthetic variants of hormones found in the human body such as testosterone check out Sustanon 250 for sale – the best testosterone supplements. In addition, they come in different forms including powder, gels for applying on the skin, injectables, and steroid pills. You may also come across steroids packaged as nasal sprays. Steroid examples include nandrabolin, andriol, primobolan, halotestin and sustanon.

Steroid Usage

Get Online Steroids For Sale For Building Muscle MassMedical experts can prescribe steroids to treat hormonal issues, cancer, AIDS, and premature muscle loss. At the same time, athletes can use legally or illegally acquired steroids to boost their performance during competitive events. Worryingly, some athletes use steroids at dosages that are ten to 100 times higher than the prescribed dosage. For instance, some athletes take a cycling approach by taking high doses for limited periods, stopping, and then resuming steroid intake. Another popular steroid usage technique is stacking, which means taking two different types of steroids at the same time. Lastly, there are athletes who prefer pyramiding, which means increasing steroid dosage gradually over time until one reaches a desired peak (pros and cons of steroids).

How steroids Work

Steroids are usually designed to replicate the functionality of androgenic or male hormones. Moreover, they are designed to enhance the tissue building properties associated with steroids while minimizing the sex-specific effects. The only problem is it is impossible to harness anabolic properties and suppress sex-specific properties completely. With this in mind, steroids work by stimulating receptor molecules that are found in muscle cells. In turn, these molecules are responsible for activating genes that enable cells to produce proteins (benefits of steroids).

At the same time, they play a role in cell processes that activate enzymes involved in protein synthesis. As a result, steroids inhibit protein degradation while enhancing protein metabolism. Nevertheless, a report published in the Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science states that resistance training seems to be necessary if one intends to harness all the physical performance benefits associated with anabolic steroids for sale.

Adverse Steroid Effects

Steroids are highly controversial because proponents say they boost athletic performance with little or no side effects while opponents say they cause more harm than good. This notwithstanding, a report published by the NIDA states that steroids have both short and long-term side effects. Short-term effects include paranoia, delusions, impaired judgment, and increased irritability. On the other hand, long-term effects in men include shrinking testicles, liver damage, decreased sperm count, infertility, increased aggressiveness, increased libido, diabetes, jaundice, acne, kidney problems or failure, shrinking of sex organs, premature balding, and growth of breasts tissue. The side effects specific to women include changes in menstrual cycle, voice deepening, high cholesterol levels, heart problems, development of a muscly physique, male pattern baldness, and enlarged clitoris. Sadly, steroid use during adolescence could lead to stunted growth.

Beneficial Side Effects

To start with, a scientific study of Sustanon 250 published in the journal Neurosurgery found that anabolic steroids do not cause or contribute to the development of degenerative brain disease. This is important because this study was specifically designed to test the theory that steroid use among professional American athletes plays a role in worsening mild traumatic brain injury that is common among NFL players.

Another study that was presented at the Endocrine Society’s 91st annual meeting in Washington, DC found that some anabolic steroid variants prevent muscle atrophy. This means that qualifying steroids can be used to treat people prone to muscular atrophy such as bedridden patients, astronauts who go to space for extended periods, and senior citizens. Andrea Graziani, PhD and a lead co-author of this study says it is necessary to find better ways of treating muscular atrophy because of the wide negative impact it has on public health and economic productivity.

Yet another benefit of taking steroid tablets is quicker recovery from pneumonia according to research published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. To be precise, researchers from the UT Southwestern Medical Center found that certain corticosteroids are effective in helping pneumonia patients recover. It is worth noting that corticosteroids are usually used to treat inflammation and are different from the steroids used to bulk up although they share some properties.

A report published Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science states that steroids enable athletes to recover from intense training much faster. This is because the best steroids have a catabolic effect on muscle cells meaning they prevent muscle breakdown after exercise. They achieve this goal by inhibiting the binding of cortisol to receptor cells. Take note anabolic steroids also produce a sense of euphoria, wellbeing, and tolerance to stress thereby enabling bodybuilding athletes to train harder for longer. This aspect is beneficial to athletes who must exert maximal force when training and during competitions like weight lifters. Although these benefits are highly desirable, an article published by The Pennsylvania State University reckons that adopting a “win at all costs” mentality can be harmful over time because steroids can be addictive and may increase one’s likelihood of engaging in risky sexual behaviors.

How To Buy Steroids Online

Firstly, professional athletes should ensure that they only buy legal steroids (not banned by bodies that govern their sports disciplines). Luckily, most professional sports organizations like the NBA and NFL provide athletes with a list of banned substances including steroid supplements. What’s more, most professionally run sports teams follow the same approach and even test their athletes regularly to ensure they are not doping. In addition, avoid steroids that come with fancy claims that cannot be substantiated scientifically. Some common claims according to the Bureau of Consumer Protection include “all natural”, “completely safe”, and “does not contain harmful chemical compounds”.

This does not mean that you should dismiss oral steroids that contain such claims. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends determining whether the claims are backed by solid and peer reviewed scientific evidence. It is also advisable to purchase steroids from sites that have been in existence for some time. Newly created sites may be fronts used to promote a certain steroid while allowing the owners to escape scientific scrutiny or prosecution in the event their products harm consumers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns consumers to avoid steroids that contain ingredients that may adversely interact with conventional medications. As such, the rule of thumb is to consult a qualified and experienced medical practitioner before buying steroids.

Alternatively, try a steroid and discard it if you develop severe complications like stomach cramps, sweating, or disorientation. Finally, do not buy steroids, buy Sustanon 250 from fellow athletes or gym members because it is impossible to determine the origin of such products. Unfortunately, most of these peer-acquired steroids do not have dosage instructions meaning you have to rely on the usage details given by a non-medical expert. A report published by the New York Times states that steroids for sale on the black market are a source of concern to drug regulation and sports authorities in the US because they tend to have unknown side effects.


Steroids are synthetic androgenic hormones that may have beneficial and adverse effects depending on the ingredients used. In the US, they are used by professional as well as amateur athletes to enable them train harder, enhance strength and power, build bigger muscles, and improve their performance during competitive games. Some of the common adverse effects include balding, shrinking of sexual organs in men, and development of masculine features in females. Beneficial effects include enhancing endurance (for athletes), preventing muscular atrophy, and helping pneumonia patients recover faster.